Bucket hats are back!

Bucket hats are back!

If you were asked to make a list of the old fashion trends set to make a comeback, bucket hats would probably be at the very bottom.

Guess what? Bucket hats are back and here to stay!

Once relegated to the likes of festivals and sunny days on the beach, bucket hats are fast making a name for themselves as a must have accessory.

They have a way of elevating an otherwise minimal look. They can easily enhance the overall vibe of an outfit. With off-duty relaxed styling taking centre stage in 2023, the bucket hat continues to be worn day in day out by the cool and stylish across the globe. 

Bucket hats are a must in the Avone Hill streetwear collection. They are an essential piece that can been worn courtside at tennis games, at a golf tournament or in the front row at fashion shows. Besides the obvious nostalgia attached to rocking a piece from the past, we actually love the casual and cool vibe a bucket hat brings to an outfit.

If you're like us and have been waiting to get your hands on a timeless bucket hat, you’re in luck. We’ve designed a bucket hat worthy of rocking all year long. Get yours today. Throw it on, post a selfie and tag us while you at it #avonehill

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