Our Story

AVONE HILL is a Melbourne-based streetwear brand. We offer a unique range of high-quality garments for everyday people.

Our seasonal collections are heavily influenced by minimalism, music and iconic avant-garde movements of previous eras. Our philosophy is simple - establishing the balance between aesthetics, comfort and functionality whilst enhancing personal style and expression. 

Brand Purpose

In an ever so busy and clustered world, we seek to embrace minimalism - from look to lifestyle. AVONE HILL is a way of life and a medium for demonstrating individuality.

Our aspirational quest to attain excellence in design, creative expression and everything we do is symbolised by our 'mountain top' brand icon. 

To reach the ‘mountain top’ is to succeed. It is a point of self-actualisation that we all hope to achieve as humans. It is a mantra we hold dear to our hearts. Join our tribe in this quest for greatness and become the best version of yourself.