Hello Summer!

Hello Summer!

TGIS - Thank God It's Summer!

Summer has finally arrived and it's time to embrace lighter fabrics that keep you cool in Melbourne's warm weather. When it comes to men’s fashion, rather than worrying about keeping up with trends, we are here to give you tips on how to bring forth an effortless style that keeps you looking fresh and comfortable in the sun.

From casual shirts to unique accessories, we’ve got the ultimate guide to nailing the casual wear look this season.

1. Embrace being loud!

In-line with our minimalist inspired outerwear pieces, we are dropping the Avone Hill Print shirt this summer. This statement piece is surely going to turn heads while you breeze through the crowd. It comes in our classic monochromatic colours, a bold pattern design and finished with a camp collar that sits flat against your skin for a relaxed look. 

2. Lightweight fabrics are the key

In the blistering summer heat, comfort is key. Opt for lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen or breathable light materials for your collection. Look for casual shirts with bold graphics or funky prints to add a touch of flair.

3. Footwear 

Sneakers or a comfy pair casual shoes are the heart and soul of any streetwear look. Embrace your sneakerhead tendencies and pair your favourite kicks with multiple outfit. Whether you go for the classic white sneakers or vibrant, eye-catching palettes, sneakers or nice shoes add an element of suave to any summer get up. 

4. Accessories

Nothing says summer more than a great accessory! Get yourself a nice bucket hat or cord cap to stay cool in the heat. Our cord cap collection comes in two colourways - black and walnut. Originally launched as part of our AW'23 collection, the comfy and high quality cord caps are suitable for any outdoor activity.

Lastly, always remember - it's not what you wearing that is of greater significance but how you style it!

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