Minimalist lifestyle

Minimalist lifestyle

What is minimalist fashion?

At AVONE HILL, we believe that minimalist fashion is the practice of liberating  yourself of excess until you only have the pieces of clothing that highlight your style and fashion expression. The minimalist wardrobe should not only fit you but also make you feel refreshed. Grounded in the idea that less is more, minimalist fashion sits in the locus that enables you to be assertive in center stage, while opting for sustainable choices to combat fast fashion.

Define Your Style

The cleanse of adopting minimalist fashion opens the door to your personal style. The underlying goal is to only wear your favorite pieces. Mixing and matching, shifting your style paradigm to consider composite outfits, instead of individual components.

Minimalist style also helps you bypass the exhaustion of fashion trends and allows you to hone in on items of clothing that make you feel good. However, your preferences in clothing do not have to remain rigid—minimalism is well-aligned for delightful seasonal capsule wardrobes.

Shop with intent to reduce excess

Mindfulness marks minimalism:

  • When will I use this?
  • How does this work with my current wardrobe?
  • Are these tees comfortable enough for my lifestyle?

    Minimalist fashion drifts far away from fast fashion, keeping cost-per-wear low. For example, the minimalist individual will invest in timeless pieces over random or subpar items. Some people that practice minimalist fashion maintain a revolving wishlist to chart out their savings and reflection. On the whole, minimalism can significantly improve your finances.

    Leave room for essential items

    A minimalist wardrobe paves the way for a lighter suitcase, even carry-on only travel, alleviating the stress of choosing and packing your wardrobe for trips. It'll also leave room for other travel necessities without making your overall package too heavy.

    Start your minimalist wardrobe today

    If you are looking for one of the best internet resources out there to help you on your minimalist fashion journey, look no further than our shopping art. AVONE HILL offers high quality, limited edition pieces that add value to your wardrobe. Our casual streetwear collection is designed in-house and production done locally - right here in Melbourne (Naarm), Australia. But before you jump up in, keep these five tips in mind:

    • There is no magic number of clothing items (or any items for that matter) to achieve a minimalist wardrobe
    • Minimalism is about fine-tuning your own personal style and the only rule is to rid yourself of excess
    • Minimalism doesn’t have to be monotone. Keep it interesting and versatile
    • Don’t just send your unwanted stuff to landfill. Thoughtfully donate, sell, or gift it first
    • Be grateful at all times 

    In conclusion, minimalist fashion is the ideal direction to pivot to; feel more fulfilled all year round. Have a blast blending traditional simplicity with your new favorite accessories, and sidestep the exasperation at clothes you do not want to wear. Practice sustainability and lean into your own personal expression. Enjoy the minimalist journey!

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